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Why do lipo batteries catch fire?

Battery safety has long been a key factor affecting the health of the industry. For preventing batteries from catching fire, we must first understand the causes of battery fire, in order to avoid risks and use batteries safely. So Why do batteries catch fire? This article will elaborate this on the issue from the following points.

Overcharge and over-discharge

There is an imbalance in the voltage of the lipo battery pack, that is, the voltage difference. If the charger cannot automatically adjust the voltage difference and directly charges or discharges the battery, the battery will be overcharged or overdischarged. For overcharge, slightly the battery will be damaged; severely the battery will catch fire. For over-discharge, slightly the battery will be damaged, severely your drone will suddenly lose power and crash in flight.

Impact and puncture

A lipo battery that is deformed or punctured by sharp objects under the action of an external force such as impact and extrusion may lead to a short circuit of the positive and negative electrode plates of the battery, making the battery emit a lot of smoke or even catch fire.

Protecting the battery

External high temperature

Due to the characteristics of lithium battery structure, decomposition reaction occurs in electrolyte at high temperature and the decomposer will also react with the positive and negative electrodes, which destroy the battery membrane. The melting of the membrane leads to an internal short circuit. Then the release of electrical energy increases the production of heat. The mutual reinforcing damage cumulates and lead to the explosion proof membrane rupture, electrolyte ejector, combustion and fire.

Internal water short circuit

The outdoor environment is complex for doing plant protection, most of the farmland water and pesticides have electrical conductivity, so it’s necessary to keep the lipo battery interface and the drone power interface clean.

Therefore, as a battery user, everyone has the duty to protect our batteries. Firstly, non-intelligent batteries charging must be connected to the balance charging plug. Secondly, do not bump or squeeze the battery. Thirdly, do not allow the battery to be exposed to high temperatures for a long time, and do not charge it at high temperatures. Finally, If your battery is accidentally infiltrated by water, please stop using it immediately and isolate it.

Tattu Plus 6s 12s smart uav battery with high capacity

Fortunately, Tattu Plus UAV “smart battery” series has been greatly improved for pesticide corrosion and drop prevention. The whole smart system includes data acquisition, security warning, power calculation, automatic equalization, charging warning, discharge anti-sparking, support charging by charging butler, abnormal state alarm, human-computer interaction, history query, parameter configuration, etc. It can also access the lipo battery pack status and battery pack working history data by CAN/SMBU communication port and host computer software. Thus, the safety performance of plant protection UAV batteries is greatly improved.

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