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What is a smart battery? What are its features?

What is smart battery and its features | tattu uav battery

Battery Monday is a channel to introduce battery knowledge by Grepow (Tattu and Gens ace‘s head company). In this case, we will be going over the lithium based smart batteries.

Ordinary LiPo Battery

With ordinary Lithium Polymer batteries, we can test the current state of charge on the battery and the operating voltage, but that’s the extent of our information unless we have an external host device that can monitor and measure the battery.

Smart Battery

However, a smart battery is a battery that contains a battery management system (BMS). It is commonly used in devices that require real-time battery status tracking, including mobile equipment and drones / UAVs / eVTOLs. The smart battery has internal electronic circuitry and sensors that detect important data such as voltage, current levels and health status, and then transmits them to an external display for the user to have a clear view and understanding.

Tattu UAV smart battery

For example, it instructs the user to charge the device when the battery detects a low state of charge, irregular temperatures, it notifies the user to take action when the battery is coming to the end of life, and more.

Features of Smart Battery

In general, the battery, smart charger and host device communicate with each other to maximize the safety, efficiency and performance of the product. For example, the smart battery requires charging when needed instead of being placed on the host system for continuous and steady energy consumption.

Tattu Plus 6s 12s smart uav battery with high capacity

Tracking Battery Capacity

Whether charging, discharging or storing, smart batteries will constantly track their capacity. The battery gauge uses certain factors to detect changes in battery temperature, charge rate, discharge rate, etc. Smart batteries tend to be adaptive and able to self-balance. Full charge storage will damage the performance of the battery. The smart battery can initiate the smart storage function as needed and discharge to the storage voltage to ensure the safety of the battery.

smart battery shows the details

Changing Charge Mode

Smart batteries can also extend the life span by modifying their charging algorithms in response to changing environmental conditions. We all know that the battery may be affected in an over-cold or over-hot environment, and the smart battery will reduce the current to decrease the possibility of damage when it is overheated, when the temperature is lower, its internal heat will be automatically generated to return the battery working temperature to a normal level.


Recording battery history, including cycle count, usage patterns, and maintenance requirements are also features of smart batteries, and these advantages are making them the choice of more and more modern devices.


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