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The Tattu NMC 811 Battery – New Power For UAVs

As UAVs and other powered remote vehicles and equipment become integrated into daily tasks, the need for reliable and effective power becomes more important. This has driven the advances in battery technology we have seen in recent years, as longer flights, higher output, better life span all become factors that not only shape our current technology experience, but how technology itself will move forward.

The NMC 811 Battery is a landmark moment in that evolution, creating a long working time battery that maintains high energy density and provides endurance that reduces waste and increases value. With a higher density and improved capacity retention even after extended cycles, the NMC 811 battery delivers higher performance in every way compared to the existing options UAV pilots and others have access to.

Stacked Cell Battery

The TATTU NMC 811 Battery uses a stacked sheet-pouch process, using an NMC (Ni-MN-Co) cathode composition to create a lightweight battery that has superb high energy density and increased capacity retention. This construction approach also allows for customizable shape and size to suit bespoke applications or needs and increased safety due to the complex coating on each separator.

Grepow has been pushing the boundaries of battery performance for some time with Tattu brand, and this latest addition is an ideal fixed-wing UAV battery, although it is suitable for a number of other applications too.

nmc 811 battery with high capacity for drone
NMC 811 UAV Battery

By using NMC cathode construction, this new, long cycle time battery is able to provide a significant advance in energy density compared to existing LiPo batteries, at an impressive 275Wh per kg. It also boosts capacity retention too, with greater than 90% capacity retention after 600 cycles, including a dynamic voltage imbalance of less than 100 mV.

The battery shows exceptional temperature performance too, with a constant discharge rate reaching 93% efficiency even at -20℃. This allows for an even broader range of applications even in relatively extreme environments.

This is a huge advance in battery performance and makes this a perfect long working time UAV battery that delivers exceptional performance over an extended lifespan.

A flexible battery for a wide range of applications

The Tattu NMC 811 battery from Grepow breaks new ground in terms of technology and performance and has been designed as the pinnacle of fixed-wing UAV battery options today. It is suitable for many applications though, and with the customizable shape can be built for very specific applications if needed.

The extended capacity lends itself perfectly to cargo delivery drones, an area of intense interest from large companies and Amazon currently trialing their use, something that is sure to be adopted rapidly in the near future. With the need to make a two-way journey carrying a load, and rapid turnaround on return, these kinds of eVTOL craft benefit from the high energy density of the NMC 811 battery through higher power with reduced weight. In a commercial setting, the capacity retention of this long cycle time battery also extends the value and lowers overheads.

digicopter shooting drone with power from TATTU
Pic from Digicopter

For other UAV applications, such as farm surveys and academic research UAVs, the ability to extend flight is invaluable. With this long working time UAV battery, operators can do more within a given period thanks to less time on the ground changing batteries and so on. Here again the long cycle time battery lowers overall running costs, crucial for stretched academic budgets.

The combination of high energy density and long life also benefit other eVTOL applications too. With that high density, the NMC 811 battery from Grepow delivers more power per kg than other options, reducing weight and improving efficiency. With weight being so important for all flying vehicles, this new battery is set to revolutionize the technology, allowing for longer airtime while improving flight dynamics through improved weight savings. As these new eVTOL vehicles develop, it is the Tattu NMC 811 battery that will drive that innovation.

Other long working time UAV applications that this new lightweight battery technology can be used in include a variety of monitoring and surveillance situations, including building surveys, survivor location in disaster response and so on, even manned urban flight vehicles that are being developed around the world.

However, this flexible battery is not just about flight. It is well suited to robotics use, where custom ordered NMC 811 battery solutions can be created in a bespoke shape to fit specific bodies for a unified, seamless application. With commercial autonomous robots no longer a niche, having the right battery power can aid efficiency and working time for robots of all shapes and sizes.

The Tattu NMC 811 Battery – Shaping our Future

Grepow constantly strives to find new approaches for battery technology, the goal always to deliver power in ways that extend the abilities of today’s technology and encourages the innovation that brings us tomorrow.

With this new NMC 811 battery, marketed under the Tattu brand, Grepow has delivered something special. With a 25% increase in energy density over existing LiPo options, improved capacity retention for a long cycle time and lightweight construction, it advances battery technology in every way.

Cloud Level Media UAV use TATTU Batteries
Pic from Cloud Level Media

From the UAVs that deliver our goods, survey the land and surroundings, aid in recuses and more, to eVTOL aircraft, cutting-edge robotics and so much more, this is a high energy density battery that can power the future.

Because the applications can be so varied, the ability to order production runs in custom sizes and shapes is even more important than it has been in the past with Grepow. From tailored batteries to fit specific robotic bodies or eVTOL aircraft to solutions for custom deliver drones and other UAVs, it ensures that the NMC 811 battery technology can be leveraged in a wide range of industries and applications, even those designed with other power sources in mind.

The Tattu NMC 811 battery from Grepow, the innovation that can power our world. There is no finer lightweight high energy density battery available. Delivering all this in a compact, long working time UAV battery delivers new opportunities for UAV pilots, with ease of use and extended flight times benefiting all.

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