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Tattu is one of the most popular brand in the FPV field. We are continuously providing the best racing experiences to our pilots. Below are the teams we are currently sponsoring.
Team Kloppokoppter
Flow FPV
Mac Poschwald

Tareq Alsaadi(UAE)

I am Tareq Alsaadi, I have been flying for almost 10 years and I tested many diffrent batteries in the world. The best one I really like and feel it can hold my flights is- Gens Ace battery . I tested some batteries from Gens Ace with almost 200 flights with no any issues at all.One of the things which I really love with Gens Ace battery is the low inner resistance and that is an evidence that those Gens Ac lipos made with a very accurate Qulaity Control. I decided to use Gens Ace battries and to work togehter with Gens Ace factory to develope and test all the new products to reach the highest level in the batteries rc world.
With Gens Ace you can performe your rc model with the right C rate and that means if its 65c- then be sure it is 65c not less than that.
Thanks to Gens Ace for making awesome lipos.

Pavel Kefurt(CZ)

My name is Pavel Kefurt. I have been flying RC helicopters since 2003.

I am using Gens Ace Battery, because It´s one from the best brands of battery what I ever used. These Battery give me everything what I need in the air, works very well, without any problem. During the flight hold the same power and staying cold after my landing. I am proud, to be a part of the Gens Ace company, and using the best batteries which I have ever tried.

Battery What I am using:Gens ace 6S  4800mAh 60C,Gens ace 6S  5000mAh 45C,Gens ace 2S  2200mAh 25C

My Best Results:

2008 3DX Germany 2nd
2009 Europe Heli Master 11th
2011 Heli Masters Carinthia 4th
2011 German Heli Masters 6th

Frederic Hanisch(DE)

Hello my name is Frederic Hanisch. I am 18 years old and flying helicopter since 5 years now. I tested a lot of batteries but gens ace lipos are the best. Light, strong and reliable. That´s what a competition pilot needs.

My results of the last years:
Mikadoteam seit 2007
Kontronikteam seit 2009
JR-Prop-Team seit 2012
Bisherige Erfolge:
3D Masters Experts 2011 5.Platz
Dutch 3D 2010&2011 2. Platz
GHM 2011 10.Platz
GHM 2010 20. Platz
diverese Teilnahmen am MHM vor 2010
jährliche Veranstaltungen:
IRCHA (seit 2010)
3D Masters (seit 2010)
Alpine Heli Smackdown ( seit 2009)
HeliChallenge Schweiz
Vatertagsfliegen in Heidelberg
RotorLive, Messe Karlsruhe, Spielwarenmesse Nürnberg Dutch 3D ( Niederlande)
Helitreffen in St.Johann ( Österreicht)
AHS, HeliChallenge ( Schweiz)

Alexandre Bosso(FR)

My name is Alexandre BOSSO, born in 1993. I'm living near Paris in France. I started flying R/C helicopters in 2010. Now having lot of fun with my brother Benjamin traveling everywhere to participate to competitions and fun fly, smack down, meeting friends and new pilots and representing my sponsors , GENS ACE, GAUI, MKS, SKOOKUM, ZERO DESIGN, SPHER- CLOTHES. I'm now using Gens Ace batteries.They're delivering full power over all flight time on my X7 and X5.

Benjamin Bosso(FR)

My name is Benjamin BOSSO, born in 1996. I'm living near Paris in France. I started flying R/C helicopters in 2009. Now having lot of fun with my brother Alexandre traveling everywhere to participate to competitions and fun fly, smack down, meeting friends and new pilots and representing my sponsors , GENS ACE, GAUI, MKS, SKOOKUM, ZERO DESIGN, SPHER- CLOTHES. I'm now using Gens Ace batteries..they're delivering full power over all flight time on my X7 and X5.

Sebastia Serra Montes(ES)

My name is Sebastià Serra, I live in Mallorca(Spain) and I am 19 years old. I have been flying 3D heli's from summer 2008, with my first helicopter, that was a belt-cp. Now I'm flying by Compassmodel, and enjoying this models: Atom 7HV, Atom 6HV, Atom 500, and the Warp 360. Also I'm sponsored by MKS servo, SWE Rotor, and of course Gens Ace! These models with Gens Ace lipos are the perfect combination if you like power ;)

Brandon Xue(CN)

My name is Brandon Xue. I am 16 years old and have been flying RC helicopters since 2006. I live in Shanghai China and travel all over the world to compete in both 3D and F3C competitions. I am using Gens ace 12S 5000mAh 60C and 6Sx2 5500mAh 45C for 3D, and 6Sx2 6200mAh 25C for F3C. They meet my broad range of needs and back me up with solid power. My competition results are as following:

2012 China National F3C Championship 1st
2012 China National 3D Championship 2nd
2012 China National Sync FTM Championship 1st
2011 FAI F3C World Championship 29th
2011 China National F3C Championship 1st
2011 China National 3D Championship 1st
2011 The World 3D Masters Expert Group 15th
2011 Gao An Cup 3D 1st
2010 ALIGN Taiwan Funfly 3D Competition 7th
2010 The World 3D Masters Expert Group 18th
2010 China National F3C Championship 2nd
2009 China Nationall 3D Championship 1st
2009 China National F3C Championship 2nd
2009 FAI F3C World Championship 39th
2009 Gao An Cup 3D 1st
2009 ALIGN Shanghai Funfly 3D Competition 2nd
2008 ALIGN Taiwan Funfly 3D Competition 20th
2008 China National F3C Championship 2nd
2007 HIROBO CUP China Region 1st
2007 Gao An CUP P3C 7th
2006 Paradise Cup Indoor Competition 1st

Frank Nijboer(NL)

My name is Frank Nijboer, i`m 24 years old. I from Hengelo the Netherlands, i`m flying since 2009!

2010 and 2011 i started in the sport class and i did go to some very nice funnily`s in holland. My best competition result was in 2011 3rd in the sport class. 2012 started in a new class F3n and became 4rd in the first round! hopefully it will be better in the up coming events thanks to my great sponsors Gens Ace , and rapid eyewear

Niklas Solle(DE)

My name is Niklas Solle, I am 13 years old and I fly helicopters since 2007.In both of my Logo 600 SE I use 2x 5s 4800mAh 60C Gens Ace packs.I have already tested different battery types but none of them convinced me as Gens Ace did. These batteries provide constant power – even after a lot of flights and are very reliable.If you are looking for batteries with a real C rate you can be sure Gens Ace delivers them. I'm very happy to be a member of the Gens Ace Team.


Marc Fischer(DE)

Last weekend Marc Fischer had his debut race for Gens Ace. Marc is known for his outstanding race results at races all around the world and for his spectacular driving style. He will be a great addition to the growing Gens Ace race team.

From now on he will enjoy the full Gens Ace factory support and use the latest battery technology in on road and off road races.

Marc’s start with his new sponsor could not be better, as Marc won the German Nationals in Hamm last weekend. While this is his 4th German Nationals title in touring car modified, it is the first for Gens Ace. Marc used the 7200mAh 70C batteries, which always provided enough power even at the end of the runs on the power demanding track in Hamm.

Marc Fischer and Gens Ace team manager David Ehrbar are very happy to celebrate their new cooperation with such a victory.


Julian Borowski(DE)

My name is Julian Borowski. I was born in 1994 in southern Germany. I started Rc racing in 2002. At the beginning I participated at some local races. By the time I was able to improve my driving skills and attended my first German nationals in 2006. 4 years later, in 2010 I changed from Tc Stock to Modified. At the beginning it was hard to control so much power, but I got used to it and even made it into the A main at the German nationals. On top of that I started at the Euros 2011 and 2013. Due to some good results I even participated at the Worlds 2012. My international breakthrough was at the ETS in Hrotovice in November 2013 bv finishing 9th in the Modified class.

Why am I using GensAce products?

When I first tested the GensAce LiPo batteries I was impressed by the power and consistency. On top of that the GensAce batteries are durable and light, which is important to have a well balanced car. I am really happy to be part of the GensAce and Serpent team. At this point thanks to everybody who made this possible.


Jaques Libar(DE)

My Name is Jaques Libar, I was born in 1993 in Luxembourg. In 2009 I started Racing in 1/8th scale nitro. In the same year I also started racing 1/10th scale electric touring cars. Later I also raced other classes like 1/10th offroad, 1/12th onroad, Formula 1 and Pro 10. I reached good results, like Luxembourg Champion in several classes, German Vice Champion in 1/12th scale ant top 3 positions in the French Championship. Since 2014 I race international races like ETS, Tonisport Wintercup, Tonisport Onroad series and MRC Longwy Winterseries.

These are my results:

-2011 & 2012 & 2013 Champion at Luxembourg Nationals 1/10 Stock in Summer and Winter

-2013 Champion at Luxembourg Nationals 1/8th nitro

-2014 Champion at Luxembourg Summer Nationals1/10th electric modified

-2013 & 2014 2nd MRC-Longwy Winterseries Stock 10,5T and Champion in 1/12th Modified

-2014 Tonisport Wintercup Champion in 1/12th EB

-2014 German Vize Champion in 1/12th EB

-2014/15 currently 4th in ETS Season ranking in Formula 1


Dirk Gottlieb(DE)

Name:Dirk M Gottlieb

I started Racing RC cars in 1993 till 1995. After a longer break, I rediscovered this hobby in 2009, and till today I am racing with growing enthusiasm.

Till 2013 I raced 1/10th scale 2wd Formula 1 or Pancars. In 2013 I started racing Touring cars, and I am totally addicted. I started with Hotbodies, Top racing, and Xray, and currently I am running a Serpent Eryx 3.0, which I take from race to race.

I race regional, national and international races like ETS, TOS, Conrad Masters.

Why I do this Hobby? - Because it's fun to hang up with crazy people as myself, and have great fights on the racetrack.

After a long Search for Performance, I came to Gens Ace, and I am more than Happy.


My name is Jerome Degand, 32 Years old and racing Fast electric boats since more than 20years. I have been racing the French championship for more than 10 years now and won 7 consecutive times the Hydro1 and hydro2 title.
Both Hydro1 and hydro2 title of World championship 2013 (Gent, Belgium).
Thanks to the low internal resistance, Gens batteries have amazing voltage during the entire race duration!
We are preparing the future with GensAce!

José Antonio Ballester

My name is José Antonio Ballester, I'm 56 years old and I have been competing in races for fast electrical boats for over 23 years.
I've been racing the Championship of Spain for over 19 years and I have won in lots of occasions in l Hydro I- Hydro II e Hydro III
I also have other titles as you can see in my sports record.
Thanks to the lower internal resistance and large load capacity. Gens batteries allow me to fight always for the first positions.
To bet on GensAce it is to bet for the future

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